Pet Bedding and Fishing

Fishing Bait for Anglers

Pet Bedding and Fishing


Bags of Hay
Bags of Meadow Hay
wood shavings
18kg bales of Wood Shavings









Southend Country Store, suppliers of Meadow Hay, Wood Shavings and Coarse Fishing Bait also quality food for your small pets.

Wood Shaving for stable bedding are just £8.50 for an 18 kg bale, for the smaller pets £1 for a 1kg bag, while stocks last. We also stock pine wood pellets for use either as cat litter or again laying down in the stables. 
Hay is £1 a 1kg bag or £7 a bale.
Various types of bird seeds, for poultry, aviary and wild birds.
For the competitive fishermen we provide an area where you can make your own groundbaits and boilies, you get a massive variety of ingredients to choose from!

Available to order is a wide range of products for smallholders, from food to management.

We also stock Firewood Briquettes, a bag of 12 briquettes for £6

Delivering to Southend, Rochford, Wakering, Hockley, Rayleigh, Benfleet, Hadleigh.