Fresh Water Fishing

Fresh Water Fishing

Fishing Groundbait; Create your own flavour groundbaits or buy one of the premade store ones. Various bases to start with like breadcrumb, fishmeal, cereal and vitalin. Pick your additives from our range of oily seeds, smelly garlic or a molasses cocktail, lots to choose from.

Fishing Pellets; We have 2.3mm up to 28mm, ranging in flavours, like Blood Worm and Scopex, Halibut and Fishmeal plus Green Lipped Mussel. Sinking and floating pellets, which also mix into great hook pastes. The largest pellet, 28mm being for any Catfish fishing.

I keep in stock lot’s of Boilies, ranging from 10mm to 20mm, Some seriously big Carp have been caught on these boilies, I won’t tell you which ones, that’s a secret for you to find out, but all lakes fish differently see what flavour works best for you.

Jelly pellets work well for me and are always kept in stock, as well as soaks and flavour enhancers.

Pike Fishing; Frozen Dead bait for Pike fishing kept in stock.

Sea Fishing Bait; Frozen sea baits include, Mackerel, Razor clam, Sand Eels, Lugworm and Squid

I also stock a limited amount of fishing tackle, weights, hooks etc. Plus entry level rods and reels for anyone just starting out.



SCS Bait & Tackle is part of Southend Country Store, based in Towerfield Road, Shoeburyness

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