Fishing Bait and Tackle

Come in and create your fishing groundbait from a variety of ingredients, tell me what you would like in your mix and I’ll make it up for you. It takes just a few minutes to put together a winning combination, that’ll have fish in your swim in no time. All the seeds are pre-boiled and ready to use. Peanuts are roasted and chopped for use in your groundbait. The water I use to boil the seeds contains a lot of good oils and comes free with any groundbait you buy. Come and see what’s in store and how it can help you win matches.

I keep in stock lot’s of flavoured boilies, ranging from 10mm to 20mm, plus pellets 4mm to 20mm. some pre drilled. Fishmeal, Trout or Halibut flavours.

Jelly pellets work well for me and are always kept in stock, as well as soaks and flavour enhancers.

I now stock a limited of fishing tackle, weights, hooks etc.


SCS is based in Southend, turn into the Greyhound retail park and it’s at the end off Grainger Road, opposite Myles van hire. Turn into the yard and I’m on the left, you can’t miss me, there’s a caravan right outside.

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