Coarse Fishing Baits

Coarse Fishing Baits

Inviting all Anglers, to come in and create your own Coarse Fishing Baits and boilies, I have a variety of ingredients for you to choose from. Everything you would need to make your carp boilie, mix it, roll it and boil it, ready for a weekends fishing. Plus a great selection of groundbait mixes so you can put together your take, on a winning combination. You’re only charged for the ingredients you use and not for the equipment. Plus a cup of tea or coffee if you’re thirsty.

I also stock some ready made groundbaits and boilies, worms and maggots, casters and dead maggots. I  have some boilies I’ve already made, maggot flavour, caramel flavour and raspberry flavour, free for you to experiment with.

I don’t stock fishing tackle, just the bait. You can blend any mix of shop stock listed below to create match winning fishing bait.

Maize MealCereal MealFish MealLayers Mash
Tares & Boiled Tare WaterHemp & Boiled Hemp WaterMaizePeanuts
Pigeon Seed and OilMaggotsWormsDog & Cat Biscuit
Milk PowderFlourSemolinaCork Dust & PVA net


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