Slug Deterrents

Slug Deterrents

Slug Deterrents

Now I have quite a few veggies growing I need to find a way to stop the Slugs from eating them. I found a slug this morning inside a compostable cup I’m using to grow tomatoes in. The cup is sitting on a shelf inside my workshop, in which i’ve never seen a slug before! I’m sure I’ve read somewhere before that slugs can smell food from a long distance, guess that proves that theory.

Apart from pellets apparently another Slug Deterrents is copper and being an ex-plumber, I have buckets of copper to use.

Well this slug I found was going to be part of my experiment, whether it liked it or not! hence it found itself surrounded by a copper fence and the only way out was to go over or under the copper. The result will save all you budding veggie growers a fortune in copper tape. Check out the photo please and good luck with the veggies.

Slug DeterrentYes the slug climbed the copper without flinching!

Pocket Money Pet Bedding

pet bedding bags

Pocket Money Pet Bedding

The pets hutches and cages have never been so clean, with everyone staying at home the pets will be getting tamer, the hutches and cages will smell of fresh pine wood shaving and a slice of hay for the pet to nibble on.

So why not take advantage of our kids pocket money bedding prices. with a 1kg bag of Hay for £1 and a 1Kg bag of Wood Shavings £1

Just pop over and pick up your pet bedding bags and use the honesty box to pay, it’s all outside so no contact necessary.


plain flour


I have in stock both plain and self raising flour, these are bought in bulk bags so you will need to either bring in a container of your own or use one of my ziplock bags. Flour is a product which I would not normally do, but I know it’s difficult to get!

It’s priced at £1 per 1 Kg which is a good price.

No Strong flour though sorry.

self raising flour

Fishing Taxi

Fishing Taxi

Ever needed help getting all that Fishing equipment to the river or lake for a weekends maggot dangling, well Paul is here to provide a much needed service for local fishermen. Whatever time in the morning you want to start fishing Paul can accommodate you, with his big London Taxi. He’ll collect you and your equipment, ferry you to the fishing lake or river and pick you up when you’re finished.

This is a blog to tell you of the service he provides and is completely separate from Southend Country Store. All you need to do is call Paul on 0794 3509 310 to arrange your trip and the cost.


Groundbait or Spod Mix

DIY Fishing Bait

I have about half a builders bucket of wet mixed Groundbait or Spod mix. It’s a mixture of Fishmeal, Cereal Binder, Cooked Hemp Seed and Cooked Maize. With a small amount of Pineapple and Strawberry flavours. Basically everything in the fridge that had to go, got chucked in and mixed together!

This is going free to anyone fishing this weekend, if not it’ll go into the recycle bin.

Pop over to see me sometime today (Friday 6th) or tomorrow until 2pm

Hay & Wood Shavings

pine wood shavings 1kg

Hay & Wood Shavings at great low prices

I sell a bag of hay or wood shavings for just £1 per kg

Bag it, weigh it, pay for it, that simple!


Unwanted Xmas Pets


Unwanted Xmas Pets

If anyone bought or was bought a small pet for xmas and has now decided it wasn’t such a good idea, please contact me. 

I would like to give a home to some small pets, they will be kept at the store as petting pets and not resold. I’m looking for a pair of rabbits, guinea pigs etc. any small pets that will enjoy being handled by children who visit the store.

Don’t worry about food and bedding I have more than enough, if they have a cage it will help as a temporary enclosure while they adjust to the new surroundings.

Outdoor Pets

baby rabbit

All outdoor pets need special attention this time of year, this morning the temperature was -3 C outside. Please make sure the hutch is completely dry, with plenty of pine sawdust/shavings to soak up any urine, they also make it easier to keep the hutch clean. The water bottle needs to be checked first thing and filled with fresh clean water, all traces of ice removed and any food left over removed and replaced. Keep the pets bedding topped and fluffed up to keep out the cold. Place a draught excluder over the front at night, a piece of carpet or old blanket will do the job. This will also stop any snow entering through the wire netting.
If you buy your family food online, sometimes the box has a sheep’s wool insulator, this makes a great addition to your hutch, just staple it around the sides. I’ve just added some to the chickens coop. Our budgies can go inside the shed, which has a 4 watt heater for them.

So remember to check your pets every night and every morning, every day!

Late Opening Friday

scs is open


Late Opening Friday, starting next Friday 6th December, I will be open until 7pm. There is free parking and a hot drink available.

For cold winter nights we have stocks of firewood bricks, hay for the pets.
Plenty of wild bird seed and small pet feed.

Unfortunately I’ve not had a single customer after 5pm, so the later opening until 7pm will now cease, unless asked for again.