sea fishing bait

Sea Fishing Bait

Sea Fishing Bait I have started stocking frozen Sea Fishing bait; Mackerel Razor Clam Sand Eel Eel Lugworm Squid Blueys Peeler Crab (when available) Spratts These are all kept in stock, subject to availability. Please […]

carp fishing

Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing Priory Park has some lovely double figure Carp. Everyone has their own tactics for catching the ponds famous fish, I believe the end one is called ‘Sunshine’. The other two I don’t know […]

plastic in cereal groundbait

Microplastics Groundbait

I opened a new bag of cereal groundbait binder today and was gobsmacked to find it was full of plastic, these were just the pieces I could see. Obviously there thousands in the 20kg bag […]


Crafty Catcher Boilies

The order of Crafty Catcher Boilies arrived today; Coconut & Maple Squid & Octopus Peanut Pro Spicy Krill Pepper Peach Raspberry & Black Pepper They don’t hang around, especially the Pepper Peach ones.

mill barn fishing bait

Fishing Restarting

Fishing is restarting today, restrictions have been eased for those that enjoy fishing. I have mixed colour maggots arriving tomorrow ready for the weekend. Plenty of ingredients for groundbaits and boilie making. Why not pop […]

Slug Deterrents

Slug Deterrents

Slug Deterrents Now I have quite a few veggies growing I need to find a way to stop the Slugs from eating them. I found a slug this morning inside a compostable cup I’m using […]

pet bedding bags

Pocket Money Pet Bedding

Pocket Money Pet Bedding The pets hutches and cages have never been so clean, with everyone staying at home the pets will be getting tamer, the hutches and cages will smell of fresh pine wood […]

plain flour


Flour I have in stock both plain and self raising flour, these are bought in bulk bags so you will need to either bring in a container of your own or use one of my […]