Southend Country Store is divided between fishing baits and pet foods. 

Banging Baits is the fishing side and I try to stock quality products at affordable prices. I use Crafty Catcher for boilies and Copdock Angling – Copdock Mill for pellets, ground baits and flavours
This allows me to offer a great range of products for you to catch the elusive PB fish. In addition to the above I keep lobworm for winter Perch and frozen dead baits for Pike. 
Most products are available in bulk, just message me for a price.

Southend Country Store sells all the pet foods, bedding and other products. The dog and cat food is from Natures Menu and is a raw freeflow mince in 6 flavours in 2kg bags for dogs and a 48 can multipack for the cats.

Small Pets have a variety of pellets and mixes, plus pine shavings or woodchip bedding, hay and straw.
Bird seeds for parrots, budgies, finches and the beautiful canaries. Plus all the food wild birds would ever need to survive winter.

Horse feed and smallholder is available on pre-order just message for a price.

Don’t forget I will deliver free of charge to anyone that lives within the Southend SS3 postcode