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Crafty Catcher Boilies


Crafty Catcher Boilies

Crafty Catcher Boilies

We stock the complete range of Crafty Catcher Big Hit Boilies in various weights, from 250g to 5kg if you want a larger quantity please use the quotation link.
This includes the Retro Range of old favourites brought up to date for today’s fishing techniques.

In addition to the Crafty Catcher Boilies, we also stock their 15mm Pop-ups. Juices, Flavourings and Sticky Bait Boosters

Any items not in stock, message me to find out our next delivery date.

The 250g sizes are made specially for anyone trying out these great boilies for the first time and also for the local school kids that enjoy fishing but find boilies an expensive bait to keep buying.


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