carp fishing

Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing

Priory Park has some lovely double figure Carp. Everyone has their own tactics for catching the ponds famous fish, I believe the end one is called ‘Sunshine’. The other two I don’t know if they have names yet.


Caught with coconut boilie

sunshine carp

Sometimes you can turn up at a lake and hit onto a double figure in the first hour, other times you can sit there all day and nothing. The carp in the photos were all caught on our boilies and a secret spod mix. All our Boilies are exceptionally low priced compared to other suppliers and we also stock a superb range for you to choose from.

For Carp Fishing you need to first attract the fish and keep them interested without over feeding them. some good attractors could be the boilies itself ground down into particles and mixed with some boiled hemp. Or maybe Vitalin mixed with hemp water and molasses. Everyone has their own ‘special’ mix for groundbait or spod.

Pop over and see if we can mix you up a ‘Special’ blend!


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