plastic in cereal groundbait

Microplastics Groundbait

I opened a new bag of cereal groundbait binder today and was gobsmacked to find it was full of plastic, these were just the pieces I could see. Obviously there thousands in the 20kg bag that wasn’t visible. I started to sieve through the bag, but realised it was the bits of plastic I couldn’t see which were the danger to the fish and environment. I’m not sure what to do with, because whatever I decide the plastic doesn’t go away. If I use a sieve with a smaller mesh, then the cereal itself won’t pass through. If i send it back they’ll sell it again. Obviously it hasn’t just fallen in during processing, there’s just to much of it. Looks like someone’s found a way to dump their waste.

The photo shows just the top 1″ out the sack put through a maggot sieve.

plastic in cereal groundbait
Plastic found in cereal groundbait

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