Slug Deterrents

Now I have quite a few veggies growing I need to find a way to stop the Slugs from eating them. I found a slug this morning inside a compostable cup I’m using to grow tomatoes in. The cup is sitting on a shelf inside my workshop, in which i’ve never seen a slug before! I’m sure I’ve read somewhere before that slugs can smell food from a long distance, guess that proves that theory.

Apart from pellets apparently another Slug Deterrents is copper and being an ex-plumber, I have buckets of copper to use.

Well this slug I found was going to be part of my experiment, whether it liked it or not! hence it found itself surrounded by a copper fence and the only way out was to go over or under the copper. The result will save all you budding veggie growers a fortune in copper tape. Check out the photo please and good luck with the veggies.

Slug DeterrentYes the slug climbed the copper without flinching!

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