Fishing Taxi

Fishing Taxi

Ever needed help getting all that Fishing equipment to the river or lake for a weekends maggot dangling, well Paul is here to provide a much needed service for local fishermen. Whatever time in the morning you want to start fishing Paul can accommodate you, with his big London Taxi. He’ll collect you and your equipment, ferry you to the fishing lake or river and pick you up when you’re finished.

This is a blog to tell you of the service he provides and is completely separate from Southend Country Store. All you need to do is call Paul on 0794 3509 310 to arrange your trip and the cost.


Groundbait or Spod Mix

DIY Fishing Bait

I have about half a builders bucket of wet mixed Groundbait or Spod mix. It’s a mixture of Fishmeal, Cereal Binder, Cooked Hemp Seed and Cooked Maize. With a small amount of Pineapple and Strawberry flavours. Basically everything in the fridge that had to go, got chucked in and mixed together!

This is going free to anyone fishing this weekend, if not it’ll go into the recycle bin.

Pop over to see me sometime today (Friday 6th) or tomorrow until 2pm