baby rabbit feed

Outdoor Pets

All outdoor pets need special attention this time of year, this morning the temperature was -3 C outside. Please make sure the hutch is completely dry, with plenty of pine sawdust/shavings to soak up any urine, they also make it easier to keep the hutch clean. The water bottle needs to be checked first thing and filled with fresh clean water, all traces of ice removed and any food left over removed and replaced. Keep the pets bedding topped and fluffed up to keep out the cold. Place a draught excluder over the front at night, a piece of carpet or old blanket will do the job. This will also stop any snow entering through the wire netting.
If you buy your family food online, sometimes the box has a sheep’s wool insulator, this makes a great addition to your hutch, just staple it around the sides. I’ve just added some to the chickens coop. Our budgies can go inside the shed, which has a 4 watt heater for them.

So remember to check your pets every night and every morning, every day!