Late Opening Friday

scs is open


Late Opening Friday, starting next Friday 6th December, I will be open until 7pm. There is free parking and a hot drink available.

For cold winter nights we have stocks of firewood bricks, hay for the pets.
Plenty of wild bird seed and small pet feed.

Unfortunately I’ve not had a single customer after 5pm, so the later opening until 7pm will now cease, unless asked for again.

18kg Wood Shavings

wood shavings

18kg Wood Shavings

18kg Wood Shavings still only £8, dust extracted pine wood shavings. Last few remaining at this price. 

DIY Fishing Bait

bait and tackle

DIY Fishing Bait

What is DIY Fishing Bait? With so many variations of fishing bait on the market its difficult to know which ones to stock. Everyone has their own preferences on which works best and catches the most fish, be it river or lake.
We have the Carp anglers, others love fishing for Tench or Barbel. Mustn’t forget the Pike and large Perch fishermen.

So DIY Fishing Bait; I am creating an area for local anglers to come in and create either a ground bait or boilie to their own design. You will have a choice from about 8 different mixes, plus extra flavours and colourings. I also store the boiled hemp water for mixing with your baits.
A small boilie roller which rolls 18 at a time and a pot to boil them in. You can then either leave the boilies in our freezer for picking up later or take with you.

This will be trial and error, so allow for changes to be made as we iron out the wrinkles with this idea. Any questions please call or email me and I’ll answer best I can.


fishing bait

I’m a fair weather fisherman, preferring freshwater rather than sea fishing and a nice sunny day over a cold and windy day.
Like all people that fish I always take various hookbaits and groundbait to try and get a good days fishing. Southend Country Store is now stocking boilies for carp fishing, various ground baits and spod baits. I’ll be introducing straights, so you can order you own groundbait ‘creation’ from a selection of additives.

We will also be keeping live baits, maggots and worms. New stock arrives every Monday, so get in quick for the weekends fishing.