Cold Spell

wood briquette

It looks like a cold spell is forecast, with November set to be a cold and wet month and this means the log fires are being lit for the first time this year. A lot of people use seasoned logs on their log burners, but did you know that the compressed sawdust briquettes actually give out more heat for less money than traditional logs and burn cleaner.

We currently have 96 packs of 12 briquettes selling at £6 a pack, when the cold spell hits these will sell very quickly, so don’t get left out in the cold and order your supply now.

Nearly There

hay bale

The Southend Country Store website is nearly there, just a few more products to add. Now you’ll notice there’s no dog, cat or horse food. This is because there are so many products being manufactured it would take forever to list, plus stocking it all would be impossible. So here’s what to do. 

Send a message with the feed you buy on a regular basis and how much you pay for it (be sensible and don’t put in a price i can’t match) then i’ll get back to you with my price. If the price is right we’ll arrange a regular order for you, with delivery if required. 

Remember delivery is available and costs the same for any quantity.

Southend Country Store

free range chickens

I’m replacing my Equine Beds facebook page and website with a more relevant name, Southend Country Store. This is because I’m introducing a much larger range of products and Equine Beds just doesn’t fit any more.

In addition to the pine wood shavings and pellets will be horse feeds, poultry feeds, plus feed for your rabbits and guinea pigs.

Most of these feeds will be kept in stock but those with a short shelf life will be order only.

A local delivery service is still available, check when ordering if your postcode is covered, if not then call and we’ll make arrangements with you.