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sea fishing bait

Sea Fishing Bait

Sea Fishing Bait I have started stocking frozen Sea Fishing bait; Mackerel Razor Clam Sand Eel Eel Lugworm Squid Blueys Peeler Crab (when available) Spratts These are all kept in stock, subject to availability. Please […]

carp fishing

Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing Priory Park has some lovely double figure Carp. Everyone has their own tactics for catching the ponds famous fish, I believe the end one is called ‘Sunshine’. The other two I don’t know […]

cereal groundbait

Microplastics Groundbait 2

I continued to sieve half the sack of cereal groundbait, I then put the plastic and unknown bits into a pan of water and boiled it to try and dissolve what would. I have no […]